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  • 48 hours

    in Çankırı

    First Day  

    You can start the first day with a rich breakfast consisting of local products of Çankırı cuisine. After breakfast, it would be a good choice to go to Tuz Cave, one of the most interesting places in Çankırı. Here, you can see sculptures made of salt and exact replicas of Orkhon Inscriptions. After the Tuz Cave, the next destinations can be Taş Mosque, Çankırı Castle and Emir Karatekin Tomb, Çankırı Museum and Historical Laundry, then you can try the Yaren Güveci for lunch, one of the local delicacies, at a restaurant in the centre.   

    Resting a little after dinner, you can continue your trip with Sultan Süleyman Mosque, Çivitçioğlu Madrasah, Buğdaypazarı Madrasah, and then you can go to Old Çankırı Houses Street for both taking a walk and seeing the historical houses of the city, thereafter, you can visit the Çankırı Research Centre and the Radio Museum and complete your day with a Yaran Performance.   

    Second Day  

    You can start the second day by taking a walk on the İstiklal Yolu, which is a pleasant walking route. After the first day, you can stop by Kadincayiri - Yıldıztepe Tourism Center and go to Kırkpınar Highland to have some rest and spend time in nature, then you can go to Ilgaz Doruk Ski Center.

    On the way back, you can stop by Sakaeli Village Rock Tombs and Fairy Chimneys, Hüyük Village Underground City, and return to the city centre to end the day with a nice dinner.