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    The Great Oak   

    Located in the village of Karacaözü, 27 km from the city centre, the oak tree is known to be over 400 years old, and is considered among the oldest oaks in the world. The perimeter of the oak, which amazes those who see it, is 14.10 meters.  Additionally, the Plane Tree in the Central Müflis Tepesi Region; the pine tree in Orta District, called Paşasultan; the pines called Türbe and Gedene, and the Rough Oak in Eldivan; as well as the Dokuzkardeşler pines in Çerkeş, and the big pine in Ilgaz, are registered as monumental trees.  

    Ilgaz / Kırkpınar Plateau Recreation Area  

    The plateau is 70 km away from Çankırı, and Is located within the boundaries of the Ilgaz District, the plateau has an altitude of 1650 m. 

    In the Kırkpınar Plateau, which has highland houses belonging to the surrounding villages, there is also a pond with an area of approximately 55,000 square meters. 

    Surrounded by yellow pine, larch, fir trees, and meadows, the plateau is very attractive with its easy access, exquisite scenery, clean air, and abundant water resources for those who want to engage in horseback riding and trekking, viewing, camping, caravan, photography, mountain hiking, apart from daily visitors. 

    Yapraklı District and Büyük Plateau  

    It is located 30 km from the central district. Büyük Plateau with an altitude of 1,600-1,700 meters, which is spread over a very wide area on the Yapraklı Mountains in the north of the district, is covered with Scotch pine, larch, fir, juniper trees, and a rich undergrowth vegetation. Among woodlands, there are spaces covered with mountain meadows that are used as pastures. Very convenient for horseback riding and trekking, cycling, viewing the scenery, camping, caravan, and photo safari apart from daily visits the plateau has extremely rich potential for land hunting.  

    Kırkpınar and Bozan Highlands   

    These highlands are 70 km from Çankırı. Access to the highland is possible only by private vehicle. In the highland, which has an altitude of 1,654 m, there are 32 highland houses used in summer, as well as a 130x350 m pond, surrounded by scotch pine, larch, fir trees, and meadows. With its easy access, exquisite view, clean air, pond, and abundant water resources, it is extremely suitable for horseback riding and trekking, viewing, camping, caravan, sportive fishing, apart from daily picnic activities. Serçeler and Bozan Highlands, which are 2 km away from Kırkpınar Highland, also have the same features.  

    Eldivan Bülbül Well   

    It is located 23 km from the city centre, in a forested area. There are pines, oak trees in the area; willow trees, and a small amount of hazelnut, poplar, wild plum, and hawthorn trees along the streams. 

    The recreational area, which is spread over a wide area, is equipped with table-bench type seating, fireplaces, fountains, public toilets, buffet, rain shelter, viewing terrace and tower, parking lot, playground, the wooden bridge built on stone masonry, and a bungalow type resting house. 

    In addition to the Bulbül Pınara Recreational Area, the forests, fountains and water sources around the Karadere and Saray Ponds, are also suitable for picnics and camping.  

    Alpsarı Pond Recreational Area   

    It is located 22 km from the city centre of Çankırı. It is an important attractive recreational area because of its topographic structure and the beauty of its vegetation. There are restaurants, table benches, pergolas, walking paths, artificial grass fields, conditioning equipment in the area, and visitors can tour on the pond with pedal boats and boats.  

    İstiklal Road   

    The İstiklal Road Park was built to explain the importance of the İstiklal Road, along which weapons were delivered to the front during the War of Independence, and to keep the spirit of national struggle alive. This place draws attention with its visual beauty as well as handing down the importance of the İstiklal Road to next generations by building a bridge between the past and the present. It is a suitable route for hiking and cycling lovers.